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Creativity in unexpected places

Rec­og­niz­ing cre­ativ­i­ty is an inter­est­ing process. Upon reflec­tion, I’ll real­ize that I’ve been cre­ative in an area I would­n’t anticipate.

For exam­ple, I began walk­ing more “indoors,” as the weath­er has been so cold. I found myself want­i­ng to exer­cise my arms not just my legs and com­bined Qigong move­ments (such as from the “Bro­cade” or “Fra­grance” sequences) to my walk­ing = cre­ativ­i­ty. Adding music nat­u­ral­ly led to dance moves — silly/fun ones.

Also, I like to com­bine unex­pect­ed things when I cook. I have found shred­ded zuc­chi­ni a nice addi­tion to the boil­ing milk when I make oat­meal. I recent­ly tried a ripe, mashed banana instead when I did­n’t have zucchini.

Try com­bin­ing things that might not rou­tine­ly go togeth­er and rec­og­nize your cre­ativ­i­ty in unex­pect­ed parts of your life. 🙂 JNC

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