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When creativity is lagging

Some­times, it feels that cre­ativ­i­ty is lag­ging, dif­fi­cult to find, or the ideas just aren’t flowing.

Some strate­gies which you might find help­ful include:

1) patience — per­haps you have to get the research of a top­ic out of the way first before your mind can begin find­ing bits of inspiration.

2) per­haps you need to man­age some com­mit­ments in your life as they are weigh­ing you down and not leav­ing much room for the imag­i­na­tion to take hold (it’s true that life does get in the way). Try set­ting a timer to write for only 10–15 min­utes on those days and feel that this is an accomplishment.

3) choose to write some­place new in your home, a dif­fer­ent cafe, the library (per­haps one that’s not local), out­side on a pic­nic table, in your car while it rains …

4) and if you real­ly can’t find those cre­ative thoughts, be kind to your­self as each of us has our unique dai­ly chal­lenges. Tomor­row is a new day.

Best wish­es with your work. JNC

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