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Welcome to a mysterious and unusual world!

Char­lie and Matil­da encounter dan­ger, adven­ture and make friends from all over the world as they unex­pect­ed­ly arrive in Cloud­scape, a hid­den world 6000 feet above the earth. Fac­ing fear, find­ing their own strength and build­ing rela­tion­ships are an inte­gral part of their adventure.

“an intu­itive young hero­ine vis­its the world of Cloud­scape in this mid­dle-grade pre­quel … the authen­tic­i­ty of Matil­da’s feel­ings (duti­ful­ly record­ed in her jour­nal) is a win­ning qual­i­ty.” (Kirkus Reviews, review of Cloud­scape: Matil­da’s Sto­ry)

“Courtney’s light­heart­ed adven­ture offers rudi­men­ta­ry atmos­pher­ic sci­ence bol­stered by fan­tas­ti­cal sen­so­ry flour­ish­es … the book excels at tac­tile descrip­tions …” (Kirkus Reviews, review of Cloud­scape: Char­lie’s Sto­ry)

Forthcoming in 2024:
“Rats with Backpacks” Learn How to Save Lives

Dr. Donna Kean and Her Work at APOPO

APOPO is a glob­al, non-prof­it and NGO (non-gov­ern­men­tal orga­ni­za­tion) which research­es and devel­ops scent detec­tion tech­nol­o­gy with African giant pouched rats, nick­named HeroRATs, and dogs, to help save lives and improve the environment. 

Dr Donna Kean with a HeroRAT
Dr. Don­na Kean with a HeroRAT [© APOPO, used here with permission]
one of APOPO's rats with backpacks
One of APOPO’s “rats with back­packs” [© APOPO, used here with permission]

Out and About in the Community

J.N. Courtney sharing her books with 5th graders
J.N. Court­ney shar­ing her books with 5th graders at “Fes­ti­val-to-Go”
J.N. Courtney at the Rochester Children's Books Festival
J.N. Court­ney at the Rochester Chil­dren’s Book Festival