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Be patient with yourself

snow person

Be patient with your­self if you find that you’re not think­ing cre­ative­ly in one area. For exam­ple, I may feel a lack of ideas for the book I’m work­ing on, but then I find myself cre­ative­ly adapt­ing a recipe or mak­ing a snow per­son with lots of ideas on how to dec­o­rate it. Cre­ativ­i­ty can be flu­id and not just in one area. I found that I had to rec­og­nize when I’m most cre­ative for my writ­ing — when I feel the most ener­getic (in the morn­ing) to open up new ideas again.

Also, I found that when work­ing on a tough assign­ment in anoth­er area of my life, that could take away my ener­gy (includ­ing the cre­ative ener­gy), I need to for­give myself if I can’t do it all (be cre­ative and ultra-focused on a tough prob­lem). The task was for a rel­a­tive and I had to pri­or­i­tize my ener­gies — just a part of life. 🙂 JNC

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