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Set goals for creativity

Set goals for cre­ativ­i­ty. Your accom­plished goals may not turn out as you imag­ine them, but writ­ing them down cre­ates its own ener­gy and seems to open a win­dow for mak­ing them hap­pen (although it may not be in the time­frame you expect or antic­i­pate). Be patient with your­self. Cre­ative ideas and actions may need time to come about or you may need to go through a few more expe­ri­ences in your life before you’re ready to write or act upon them. I’ll have sto­ry ideas that don’t set sail until a few more expe­ri­ences in my life have occurred — and then the words don’t stop. The actions I’d like to take sud­den­ly tie in, one with the oth­er — mak­ing con­nec­tions that I would­n’t have dreamed of. JNC

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