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Our Use of Time

Our use of time is so impor­tant for open­ing up oppor­tu­ni­ties for our­selves. Con­sid­er the Pomodoro tech­nique (work 25 min­utes and then take a break) or a vari­a­tion of it for com­plet­ing projects. I like to work for 45 min­utes and then take a 5–15 minute break. If I have to do some­thing I’d rather not, I do the oppo­site; I may work on the dread­ed task for 15 min­utes and then do some­thing more fun for 30 minutes.

Some­times, the dread­ed task is do some­thing cre­ative, a stretch in our aspi­ra­tions, some­thing we’re not sure we can do, but we want to try. In 15 min­utes, we can give our­selves the mini-oppor­tu­ni­ty to try some­thing new, know­ing it’ll be over soon — and it might be enough to prompt fur­ther tri­als. JNC

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