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Creativity is listening

Cre­ativ­i­ty is shar­ing your sto­ry, but espe­cial­ly lis­ten­ing. I know my own ideas but I don’t yet know those of oth­ers. When I lis­ten to those in my inner and out­er cir­cles I learn. I learn more when I lis­ten to those who are out­side those cir­cles as their expe­ri­ences are ones I’m not as famil­iar with. Con­nect­ing between oth­ers, con­nect­ing ideas and actions, poten­tial expe­ri­ences is being creative.

Yes­ter­day, I was cel­e­brat­ing sign­ing off my tax­es (which took me awhile to com­plete as I’m on a learn­ing curve with them). I was at an Indi­an restau­rant and met a young woman from Ukraine who did­n’t speak very many words of Eng­lish. I was able to share with her my vol­un­teer group which teach­es, local and free, Eng­lish and Cit­i­zen­ship class­es to immi­grants and their families.

Con­nect­ing our lives, ideas, and actions can be pow­er­ful and super cre­ative and you nev­er know when or where it could happen.

Best wish­es in your cre­ative doings and imag­in­ings! JNC

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