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Opening a door

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Cre­ativ­i­ty can be like “open­ing a door” to your imag­i­na­tion. There are times when I feel too busy or tired to have new ideas for my sto­ries and I take a break. But, once I “invite” my imag­i­na­tion to work on a sto­ry idea, I find I think of ideas all the time. I keep a note­book and pen by my bed so I can reach for it, with­out turn­ing on the light. I am right-hand­ed. I can write ideas down, again with­out the light, by plac­ing my left thumb on the left side of the page, my pen starts writ­ing next to my thumb. For each line of words, my thumb descends down the page.

I keep paper and pen in the car, in my purse. Of course, nap­kins and receipts also work for ran­dom ideas. Be sure to have some­thing at hand when the ideas flow. If I write them down, I don’t for­get them. When I talk myself out of writ­ing them down, they’re very dif­fi­cult to retrieve.

Of course, hav­ing a phone with a “notes” or “memo” app, or record­ing ideas is anoth­er option.

I am in the mid­dle now of work­ing with a new sto­ry idea and it’s a bit over­whelm­ing. Good luck with yours.  JNC

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